Hydraulic loads sensing valves


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Tailored for agricultural trailers or similar vehicles equipped with hydraulic brakes, ADR UK's load-sensing valve is designed to enhance safety, by preventing wheel-locking or inadequate braking. The valve achieves this by intelligently sensing axle movement and dynamically adjusting the hydraulic braking pressure to align with the gross vehicle weight.


The valve adeptly detects this movement, responding by altering hydraulic pressure to optimise braking performance. Installed onto the chassis, the load-sensing valve is connected to the vehicle's axle through a cable-and-spring linkage system. In the unladen state, the linkage pulls the lever-arm downward against spring resistance, prompting the valve to decrease hydraulic pressure to the brakes. As the vehicle is loaded, the chassis descends, causing the linkage to loosen and the lever-arm to rise under spring pressure. This simple yet effective system ensures precise adjustments to brake pressure, promoting safe braking across varying loads.

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