Humble beginnings…

Where it all started

ADR UK TYREMART (Agricultural) Limited has been proudly serving customers since its inception in 1979. Nestled to the southeast of Newark, conveniently located just off the A1, our prime location positions us to efficiently cater to clients across the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Early 90s…

Expansion of product ranges

The company, initially known as Tyremart Agricultural, began its operations as a supplier of tyres and rims to agricultural trailer manufacturers. Over time, it transitioned into supplying Colaert Essieux products and associated components to customers in the UK and Ireland. In 1990, after the acquisition of Colaert by ADR, Tyremart established a fruitful partnership with both companies, leading to a significant diversification of its product offerings and services.
New millennium…

Growth and company internationalisation

The year 2000 saw a pivotal moment when our company founder, Rod Watson, decided to entrust the company's legacy to ADR Group. Subsequently, ADR invested in the construction of a new facility spanning 37.5k sq. ft. (3.5k sq. m.), to which Tyremart relocated in 2002.
Under Rod's extensive expertise and ADR's backing, we experienced rapid growth, exploring new markets for sales opportunities and initiating on-site production to tailor ADR, COLAERT, and ATW (production companies of ADR Group) products to the unique requirements of the UK and Irish markets.
Exciting times…

New and expanded facilities

Our growth story continued, and in 2007, due to increased business demand, we made the strategic decision to expand our warehouse facilities. Presently, the premises encompass approx. 56k sq. ft. (5k sq. m.).
End of an era…

Strengthening ties with ADR Group

Rod Watson led Tyremart until his well-deserved retirement at the beginning of 2008. In February 2011, the company underwent an official name change to ADR UK Tyremart Limited. This transformation was made to honour its heritage and underline its strong connection with the company owners, ADR Group.
Future outlook…

Knowledge based and customer centric company

Our team is a repository of extensive knowledge and up-to-date information cultivated over the years. They stand ready to provide expert advice and guidance to help you select the ideal combination of products.
At ADR UK, you'll find a dedicated team of professionals, including our responsive office staff, efficient warehouse personnel managing our extensive inventory, and cheerful drivers prepared to deliver your orders promptly and with a smile.
Your satisfaction is our priority.