Customer Training

Customer training

Throughout the years, the ADR Group has expanded its product portfolio to cater to various market demands. As a result, customers who explore our catalogue may find it challenging to comprehend the specifications of each item in detail. To assist customers comprehensively, ADR offers technical training support on the selection and utilization of our products. This commitment showcases our dedication to providing a high-quality service and meeting the diverse needs of our customers.
Technical training plays a crucial role for ADR customers as it ensures the effectiveness and safety of the products they purchase. By participating in our technical training programs, users acquire the knowledge and skills needed to utilize our axles, brakes, suspensions, and other products correctly. This enables them to achieve optimal performance, leverage advanced features, and fully benefit from the advantages offered by our products. Our emphasis on technical training underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring they extract the utmost value from our offerings.

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