Hydraulic brake failsafe


Emergency trailer braking system instantly applies the trailer’s hydraulic brakes if a trailer breakaway occurs.
Most farm trailers with hydraulic brakes rely on a single-line connection, between the tractor and the brake rams on the trailer. If this hydraulic connection fails, in the event of a trailer breakaway for instance, the trailer is left with no brakes. Our emergency braking system is designed to stop a runaway trailer by applying the trailer’s hydraulic brakes instantly in the event of a breakaway.


Emergency Trailer Braking System fits any drawbar trailer, with hydraulic brakes and is designed to apply the trailer brakes if there is a sudden loss of connection between the tractor and the trailer: In the event of a breakaway for instance.
An emergency accumulator containing pressurised hydraulic fluid is fitted to the trailer. Also fitted to the trailer, on the drawbar, is an emergency brake valve. On the back of the tractor is a steel cable, the other end of which is loosely connected to the operating lever on the valve. If the tractor parts company with the trailer, this cable is pulled tight, rotating the operating spindle on the valve, and allowing pressurised fluid from the emergency accumulator to apply the trailer brakes. The operating lever also functions as a quick release clip, and is pulled clear as tension on the cable increases. The accumulator is then recharged once the braking system is reconnected, and the valve is reset to its normal running position.

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