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The implementation of Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) in agricultural trailers offers a multitude of advantages that significantly enhance overall safety and performance. ABS technology prevents wheel lock during braking, particularly crucial when navigating challenging terrains, or slippery surfaces commonly encountered in agricultural settings. This pivotal feature ensures that the wheels maintain traction with the ground, promoting stability and preventing potential skidding incidents. Additionally, ABS systems contribute to improved steering control, enabling more precise manoeuvring of the agricultural trailer. This heightened control is particularly valuable when navigating through uneven fields or tight spaces. Furthermore, the coordinated braking effect between the tractor and the trailer enhances overall braking efficiency, promoting a safer and more responsive braking experience. In essence, the integration of ABS systems in agricultural trailers, not only enhances safety but also optimizes the functionality and control of these vital components in modern farming operations.


Its purpose is to prevent wheel lock resulting from the vehicle's excessive braking force, particularly on slippery surfaces. It guarantees the stability of driving, steering control, and optimal coordination of braking between the tractor and trailer.

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