The system to control your steering axles.
SmartDrive manage the movement of the steering axles of a trailer and determines the steering according to the relative angle between tractor and trailer. Over a defined speed the system automatically locks the axles in central position and it's possible to command or lock the axles in Manual Mode. 
The system is designed to work in free self-steering mode in case of emergency. This mode is automatically activated by the system in case of loss of power connection or hydraulic pressure.


  • On-board control panel
  • LS distributor with Power beyond or standard
  • Angular sensor on the drawbar
  • Electronic and hydraulic units
  • Speed sensor and angle sensors on steering axles
  • Safety valve on each steering axles
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Technical features
  • ROAD: The system is commanded by the electronics and the wheels steer depending on of the angle read from the sensor on the drawbar.
  • LOCK: This mode is automatic over a defined speed (to be set up)
  • MAN-LOCK: To block the axles manually in case of need
  • MAN-LOCK: To command the axles manually

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