Hydraulic suspensions

The modular and compact hydraulic suspension.
The most common construction solution typically involves hydraulic cylinders and suspension arms independently anchored to the axle body. However, this approach impacts the torsional stiffness and stability of the machine frame. The ADR group, having previously developed solutions aimed at enhancing the safety of agricultural machines through the creation of hydraulic suspensions with independent wheels known as "Hydrosafe," now applies the expertise gained from that series of suspensions to the range of rigid axle suspensions as well.


The hydraulic suspension is among the most common on towed agricultural machines instead of the traditional mechanical leaf spring suspension. These are some of the advantages:
  • The even distribution of the vehicle weight on the wheels and therefore optimal grip even in the presence of dynamic loads, is because the hydraulic circuit keeps all the actuators at the same pressure.
  • The possibility of intervening on the ride height of the vehicle by acting on the volume of fluid in the actuators
  • The possibility of optimizing running behavior/comfort by coupling one or more elastic elements, for example inert gas accumulators, to the rigid hydraulic circuit.
  • Power through the hydraulic system which is standard for all tractors.
Other informations
Like "Hydrosafe", "Hydrocompact" has hydraulic cylinders that don’t protrude from the outline of the vehicle chassis: a considerable advantage both for the stability of the machine, which has a more rigid and stable structure, and for any equipment Hydrocompact” with steering axles and large section tyres.
The novelty is in the connection of the cylinders to the axle and to the suspension arms.
The solution is protected by a patent filing. In all operating conditions, the system of forces generated by the movement of the vehicle doesn’t load the axle and the suspension arms in an abnormal way and thus reduces the fatigue stresses on the anchors.

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